Ristick Amusements


Hello welcome to Ristick Amusements.

We take pride in our concessions providing are clientele with quality family fun entertainment.

Our concessions consist of:

image4 (2)
30ft Balloon Pop game trailer for kids & adults. Throw a dart, pop a balloon, and win a prize! (Children Win Every Time!!)

image5 (4)
30ft Water race game trailer, fun for kids & adults!. Pull the trigger on the water gun and shoot the water in clowns mouth. A balloon rises. first to burst is the winner of the race and receives a prize

image1 (12)

I am always looking for festivals,fairs,holiday celebrations, and public family events to host my games at.

Vendor Technical Specifications

We understand that festivals have limited spaces available, and our games require only the following:

  • Dart Popping
    • 30 feet in length
    • 220v electric 30 amp breaker
  • Water Balloon Race
    • 30 feet in length
    • 220v electric 50 amp breaker